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Revelation Illustrated Rel 2.0
Dramatic Bible audio w/animation

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Revelation Illustrated ($12.95)

Like all charts on this site, this chart is created in Flash animation software. This means you can also create animations and time them to match the scripture being read. The slide show above is of still screen shots so it does not reveal the motion on the objects. The Revelation Illustrated Rel. 2.0 chart is packed full of visual animations to support the scripture being read, plus the audio is from Word of Promise's Dramatic Audio Bible. These two features make the book come alive as you read. It would be great for projection to a class while studying the book of Revelation. The chart is separated by chapter. Each chapter has animation to match the audio that is playing or with a click of a button you can display the scripture as is reads. You may also display each of the "Sevens" directly, ( "the Seven Churches", "the Sevel Bowls", "the Seven Seals", "the Seven Trumpets")

The Chart features: